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Play the big league fantasy drag racing game!!!

  • put the stars on your team
  • win big money
  • have fun

Sign up now and get in on america's hottest sports entertainment trend - fantasy sports

What is fantasy drag racing?

Just like in the more familiar pro football and baseball contests, entrants pick a team of stars who earn points throughout the season. As the season progresses, players manage their teams, seeking to maximize their chances of winning the big money!

Prize fund

 SEASON CHAMP  $1500.00
 SECOND PLACE  $500.00
 THIRD PLACE  $300.00
 FOURTH PLACE  $200.00

Top 100 finishers win a free trade package for the 2003 season

Other prizes announced before the start of the 2002 season

Please note; above prize amounts dependent on a minimum of 200 entries. Adjustments will be made if necessary.

How much does it cost?

$24.95 gets you in the show for the entire 2002 season. As an added bonus, all who sign up by December 1,2001 recieve a free 5-trade package for use in the 2002 season.

Trade options - Links for trades are coming soon.

As the racing season progresses, players may want to make changes to their team rosters. Those who enter by December 2001 may use their free trades, or trade packages can be purchased.

$2.00 Each
5 Trades for $7.00
10 Trades for $10.00
No Limit for $25.00

Please note: all trades must be received by DRO FDR one week prior to event that new roster member will compete in. Notify DRO FDR by e-mail.

What constitutes a team?

Pick ten racers from the dro roster of super stars, making sure their combined listed dollar value does not exceed the 10 million dollar salary cap. A legal dro fdr team must consist of;

  • 3 top fuel racers
  • 3 nitro funny cars
  • 4 racers from the combined ranks of pro stock, pro stock bike, pro modified, and blown alcohol funny car and dragster - in any combination

How does a team earn points?

Basically, every roster member earns 10 points per round won. Pro stock, top fuel, whatever- a round win is a round win, and 10 points for your team!

There are some stipulations

  • blown alcohol dragsters and funny cars earn points at divisional and national events
  • pro modified earn points at national events only, not at match races, divisional or invitational races.
  • no points in any category for specialty races contact dro if clarification is needed.

Whoever has the most points at the end of the 2002 season wins the big bucks!